What Motivates a Franchise Sales Prospect?

Business man working on the tablet of the future select on the virtual display: franchiseImproving lead generation for franchise sales begins with a thorough understanding of a sales prospect’s motivation. One could reasonably assume that a prospect makes an exhaustive list of potential franchise opportunities and ranks them on the basis of available support, brand reputation, operational systems and growth potential. Or, one could take into account the emotional reality of a franchise sale.

Few franchise buyers take such a calculated approach to selecting the right opportunity. In fact, this life-changing decision tends to mirror that of choosing a partner. There are no spreadsheets and no formulas – “we just know.” Once franchisor’s trade in a logical outlook for an emotional one, they can convey their unique value proposition more effectively to franchise buyers.

Franchise buyers want to earn more money

Consider that many franchise sales prospects are seeking a career change. They want to leave one venture – whether that means leaving a corporate role or selling an existing business – and enter one that delivers a better financial return. With this in mind, it is important to convey three things – market demand, industry growth potential and how your concept helps franchisees capitalize on both.

Franchise sales prospects want to be their own boss

After years of working in corporate America, many franchise buyers are exhausted with the rat race. They’re ready to be their own boss and take control of their professional destiny. They want to chart a new path, take on new challenges and unlock their entrepreneurial potential while still finding time to enjoy the things they love. Your job then, as a franchisor, is to showcase your opportunity as a means of exercising the autonomy they crave. Whether your concept requires franchisees to be involved in day-to-day operations or it is suitable for hands-off management, prospects want to know that your franchise opportunity will grant them freedom and flexibility.

Franchise buyers want to do something they love

Encourage franchise development personnel and your franchise sales team to showcase the most fulfilling aspects of your opportunity. It’s only natural for prospects to seek out a concept that will enable them to earn a living while doing what they enjoy. They want to know how your franchise opportunity will help them channel their passions, maximize their strengths and make an impact. Present the “nuts and bolts” of your opportunity – investment costs, qualifications and the like – but don’t forget to share details about how your concept makes franchisees feel alive, fulfilled and empowered.

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