Roy Rogers Opens in Maryland!

RoyRogersLogoStarting on November 11, 2013 hungry Roy Rogers fans are able to get their fix of delicious Roy Rogers – right in their Waldorf neighborhood just off Crain Highway in the Berkley Square Shopping Center. Roy Rogers has taken over an existing quick service restaurant, remodeling the location to bring their quality menu to the area.

As Roy Rogers has been expanding their footprint within the Mid-Atlantic, they have been strategically using the conversion of current units as a cost effective way to enter a new market. “Where the right existing assets can be acquired, these are efficient and affordable conversions,” says Jim Plamondon, co-president of the Plamondon Companies, who owns the Roy Rogers Restaurants. “And with our average sales volumes exceeding 1.5 million, this makes for a great growth vehicle for our franchisees. It’s a true win-win-win situation for us, potential franchisees, and of course, our beloved customers.”

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