Improve Your Franchise Sales Strategy in 2017

FRANCHISE Businessman working at office desk Don’t let the opportunity to revamp your franchise sales strategy pass you by. As we kickstart 2017, many franchisors are assessing sales goals, tactics and opportunities for improvement. Whether you are a start-up franchisor or a mature brand, there are plenty of ways to fine-tune your process. As you ponder what 2017 has in store for franchise development, be sure to consider the following:

Improve Franchise Sales with a Realistic Outlook

Evaluate your franchise sales strategy with the understanding that every system is different. Wearing the shoes of a skilled basketball player won’t give you the jump shot of Jordan. Likewise, what works for other franchisors may not be an ideal strategy for your system. Consider your unique needs, and embrace a strategy that suits those. The most effective strategies have realistic objectives and measurable outcomes, so ensure you lay the groundwork for attainable growth this year.

Prepare Yourself for Franchise Sales Competition

Successful lead generation for franchise sales starts with a competitive assessment of the franchise opportunities inside and outside of your space. Never assume that a prospect is only looking at your concept, or even your category. Master your unique value proposition and prepare yourself to continuously articulate it throughout the franchise sales process. Anticipate objections and prepare to address those as soon as the first call. While you should never say anything bad about any competitor, knowing how to professionally differentiate yourself from your competition enables you to strategically navigate the franchise sales process.

Consider Outsourcing Franchise Sales with Franchise Dynamics

Lead generation for franchise sales can be difficult to master, especially as a busy franchisor. When you’re in charge of franchise development, operations, marketing and many other facets of your system, it can be tough to pay adequate attention to the your sales process. Outsourcing franchise sales allows you to place your growth in the hands of franchise growth experts who have the skills and drive to advance the growth goals you’ve set.

As the world’s leading franchise sales outsourcing firm, Franchise Dynamics takes each lead through the entire sales process on your behalf until a sale is closed. Unlike some, Franchise Dynamics takes none of your royalties, but provide the utmost care with a full-service solution tailored for your organization. Speak with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help you improve your franchise sales strategy in 2017.

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