How to Best Leverage a Franchise Sales Outsourcing Firm

Outsourcing franchise sales can be a viable means of expanding your brand. If you understand how to make the most of your relationship with your sales team, you can create a healthy feedback loop that informs all aspects of lead generation for franchise sales. Franchise Dynamics, a leading franchise sales outsourcing firm providing several franchising services to organizations worldwide, offers tips on how to best leverage this resource.

Be upfront about your goals and vision for franchise growthFranchise sales outsource

As you seek to identify franchise sales outsourcing firms that meet your needs, remember to share your growth goals. Be transparent about the pace at which you would like to expand and what success looks like for your brand. At this phase, you should also discuss the budget you will allocate to lead generation for franchise sales, franchise development and other expenses related to franchise recruitment. Lastly, take every opportunity to share the history of your brand and your management team. Openly discussing these factors as early as possible helps both parties decide whether there is potential for mutual benefit.

Welcome franchise sales outsourcing teams to conduct an assessment

The best franchise sales outsourcing teams conduct an assessment of a franchise company before signing on to work together. Franchise sales and development professionals will take a deep dive at this point, uncovering the inner workings of a system and its offerings, as well as its financials, limitations and management structure. With problem areas and growth opportunities identified, a franchise sales outsourcing firm can determine whether a franchisor is ready for its franchising services. Likewise, this assessment period is an ideal time for franchisors to observe the sales experts’ approach. Thorough analysis, genuine curiosity in the concept and skillful recommendations are all signs of a franchise sales outsourcing company that would be truly invested, should you move forward with a partnership.

Encourage full immersion on the operational side

It’s much easier for franchise sales experts to sell a concept they understand intimately. Firsthand knowledge of how and why a franchise system works can only help these professionals as they field questions and address reservations. Once an agreement is signed, don’t be afraid to invite your franchise sales outsourcing team to immerse themselves in your franchise concept. Welcome them to shadow a current franchise owner for a day or to take a tour of your corporate headquarters. Introduce them to decision-makers and key players in your operation. In doing so, you can equip your franchise sales outsourcing team to position your franchise system in the best possible light for prospects.

Promote regular communication about franchise sales progress

An open and consistent feedback loop helps both the franchisor and the sales team keep growth goals and strategy top-of-mind. As soon as possible, schedule a weekly call to keep you abreast of progress. This also creates regular opportunities for the sales team to introduce and detail necessary strategy shifts. If you’d like, you can even integrate your efforts and create a routine touchpoint to discuss franchise development, lead generation for franchise sales and other ongoing initiatives.

Is Franchise Dynamics the right franchise sales outsourcing firm for you?

Franchisors and their franchise sales outsourcing teams can set the pace for a productive partnership long before an agreement is signed. At Franchise Dynamics, our team of sales experts share a deep commitment to discovering and enhancing franchise brands of all sizes. Click here or speak with a member of our team to learn about our four-step discovery and due diligence process.

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